Account Services

Account Services

Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative ServicesDo you need to update or change your account information? Do you have a new telephone number, new e-mail, need to transfer or end service with Platte-Clay?

Please note that your co-op ties your location with your telephone numbers, so please keep all of your information updated.

Your co-op can not provide information to anyone whose name is not on the account, so please place the names of all individuals who are responsible for the account on the account. For example, if the account is in the wife’s name, by law, your cooperative can not give the amount due to the husband if his name is not on the account.

Further, we can not give capital credit checks to the spouse, even though she or he may have been paying for electric service if their name is not on the account. If you move out of Platte-Clay’s service area, please keep your address current with your co-op—we’ll be sending out capital credit checks in the future.


Start, Stop, or Transfer Service

Are you moving into the Platte-Clay service area and wondering how to activate your electric service, or do you need to transfer or disconnect your existing service? Please start here. Platte-Clay makes it easy to connect your home or business.

Primary Applicant


(Also responsible for account)

Service Address

Platte-Clay will activate your service within one business day of the date listed above.

Mailing Address

Sign and Complete Form

In applying for membership service with Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative, I am applying to receive electric service at the location described above. I agree to conform to and abide by the bylaws and regulations as provided by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative, as now exists or as may hereafter be adopted.


Update Account

Please update personal information on your current account at an existing location. Simply scroll down to the form. Please note that this is not the form to change account ownership, the primary name on the account, or to transfer service to another individual or business. To change account ownership, an account must be closed and opened with a different name.

Change to Updated Information

For more information on changing your account information, please e-mail us at or call 816-628-3121 during regular business hours.


View Bill History

View your billing history here.


Digital Meters-FAQs

Read pdf FAQs about digital meters here.