Energy Demand Calculator

Energy Demand Calculator

Energy Demand CalculatorWatts your demand?

Demand is the amount of power needed to supply every electrical device running in your home or business at a specific point in time. It is the maximum rate at which your household consumes electricity.

Use the energy demand calculator (below) to learn about managing demand and to get a general idea of a family’s summer or winter demand. Please note that actual appliance and model demand may vary depending on the age and efficiency of each device.

Click on the buttons to see a representative single-family household’s demand, click on summer or winter for a seasonal comparison.

Air conditioner
Heat pump
Pool pump
Clothes dryer
Washing machine
Electric oven
Electric range
Coffee maker
Toaster oven
Hair dryer
Electric water heater
Electric vehicle charger (level 1)
Space Heater
Stock tank heater
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How to use the energy calculator
To get an idea of your demand and rate, select the appliances your household tends to use at one time. It's easy to see how not using everything at the same time can reduce demand. To get an estimate of energy costs, enter the kilowatt hours based on a previous bill. Find that number on a recent bill or view your bill online.

The billing demand shall be the greater of the current month actual demand or 50% of peak actual demand established in the preceding eleven months.

As a point of reference, Platte-Clay's average residential consumption is 1400 kWh and the average demand is 8kW.

See our Energy Demand FAQs page for more details.