Kohler Generators

Kohler Whole House Generators

Kohler whole house generatorsWhen bad weather rolls through the Northland, it can mean damage to the co-op’s system and with severe weather, even extended outages for members. For those who must have power because of medical devices and others who want to have power at all times, it may be time to install a generator.

Platte-Clay now offers Kohler standby power generators for use during emergencies and damaging weather conditions. Choose from a variety of systems to fit commercial or residential requirements.

The required switching and safety gear for use with these models is sold separately.

For bigger power needs and to be prepared for extended outages, Platte-Clay offers the Kohler PowerSystem generators for use in powering major home appliances such as HVAC systems, water heaters, washing machines and stationary farm equipment all at the same time.

These units come in a variety of sizes and models that can produce from 8,500 to 125,000 watts of power. Commercial-sized units are available for businesses and community use.

Pricing and options depend upon the model chosen. Custom, turn-key installation is available on request.  Annual scheduled maintenance also is available.

Don’t let severe weather keep you in the dark and heat or cold. Call Platte-Clay at (816) 903-7354 or e-mail davec@pcec.coop and ask about our affordable home or business generator solutions.  Please visit the Kohler website for more information.