Community Blood Drive

Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative Community Blood Drive

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Save a Life. Right Here, Right Now.

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Kearney and Platte City offices
Wednesday, October 11, 1 pm – 6 pm

Top 10 Myths About Giving Blood

#10 – I’m too old or too young
Words seniors love to hear…You are NOT too old! Just have to be at least 16!

#9 – I already gave this year
You can donate every 56 days-that is 6 times a year – WOW!

#8 – I’m Afraid!
Overcome your fear – you can save up to 3 lives with one donation-there is no time to be afraid!

#7 – I’m too busy
One hour is all it takes to save a life-surely you have time for that!

#6 – I’ll feel too weak if I donate!
Be sure to have iron-rich foods and be well hydrated before you donate!

#5 – I don’t know my blood type
No problem-you will know AFTER you give blood

#4 – I can’t because I take medication
Who isn’t taking medication?! Call us ahead of time to check it out

#3 – I don’t have enough blood to spare!
You aren’t a vampire are you?

#2 – I hate needles!
Who does likes needles?! You will appreciate that needle if you ever need some of that life-saving blood!

1# – No one Ever Asked me!
Well, we are asking YOU now – PLEASE give – 580 units are needed every single day of every year!