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New web site — check it out

RedLeavesFallBlogOK, it’s fall, the leaves are turning yellow, red and orange and so has the Platte-Clay Electric Co-op web site.

We picked orange to roll out the web site because, according to color experts, it’s associated with fun, excitement, action, warmth and passion. Think Nickelodeon, Fanta Soda or Amazon, for instance.  Your co-op is right there with them. We’d have music and Wirehand Willie dancing across the screen, but that might be over the top.

We hope you’ve poked around, or is it clicked around, the web site to see what all is here besides the ability to pay your bill, the very top rated reason for visiting a utility web site; checking the outage map, second most popular reason for visiting a utility web site, followed by energy efficiency rebates and programs. Shopping and saving money is always good.

One of the great things about the new web site is that it will work on all sizes of screens. We think you’ll enjoy the responsive design. At present only seven percent of the U.S. utilities use responsive design, so everything’s up to date in the Northland.

Check it out.

Smart phone? Fire it up and go to There you’ll find the entire website will fit on your screen. Turn it sideways and the site gets a little wider. Same with a tablet. Now you can easily take Platte-Clay anywhere you go.

Stormy weather and wondering if lightning has caused any outages? Go to the outage map and see where we’re sending crews. When we have an estimated time of restoration, that information will be right at your fingertips, and better yet, it’s the same information you get when calling in.

Once again Platte-Clay is putting technology to work to better serve members. We hope you find the new site and services helpful.

Have a comment or suggestion?  We’d love to hear from you—here, on the co-op Facebook page or via Twitter.

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