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In three surveys, Platte-Clay members confirmed their interest in renewable energy in general, and in solar in particular.

As a result, the rural electric cooperative became one of the first 100 co-ops in the U.S., and the first in Missouri to build a community solar array.

Solartech_sunset_3_2015-048small72For those co-op members, residential and small commercial, who wish to add solar energy to the mix of energy coming to their location, click and download the solar energy contract. To allow more members to participate, there is a 5-panel limit.

Follow this link to the residential solar contract.
Follow this link to the small commercial solar contract.

There are two choices for community solar energy–to buy the output of solar panels or to enter into a long-term lease for solar panels, both based on current usage or anticipated usage. Call Platte-Clay, 628-3121, if you need assistance.

The details are spelled out in the contracts.

Follow this link to see live monitoring. The solar array produces energy so long as the sun is up and until it goes down, even on a cloudy day.


Solar Contracts

Residential or small commercial co-op members who wish to add solar energy to the mix of energy coming to your location may click and download the solar energy contract (below).

Members may lease solar panels or purchase solar energy (kWh) from the solar array not to exceed the member’s lowest monthly bill. Predicted output per panel is about 43 kWh per month. Members can find monthly consumption on the invoice or the online bill to help determine the number of panels to lease.

Please call 816-628-3121 during regular business hours or e-mail solar@pcec.coop if you have any questions or need assistance in determining the lowest monthly kilowatts (kWh) used.

Platte-Clay solar energy is for Platte-Clay members only.

Please download either the residential or small commercial contract, complete and return.

PCEC Residential Solar Contract (PDF)
PCEC Commercial Solar Contract (PDF)


Live Solartech Monitoring

Click here to see how much energy the solar array is producing, along with other Platte-Clay solar data.


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Solar Committee

As part of Platte-Clay’s move into making solar energy available to members your co-op has established a Solar Committee. The purpose of the Solar Committee is to learn, with co-op management about how well solar performs for co-op members.

There are two choices for solar energy–to buy the output of solar panels or to enter into a long-term lease for solar panels based on current usage or anticipated usage. Call Platte-Clay, 628-3121, if you need assistance.

The co-op will post the Solar Committee presentations in two locations–in News and in Energy.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information including solar energy in the mix that comes to your home or business.

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Solartech Construction

Take a couple of minutes to see how Platte-Clay employees constructed Missouri’s first rural electric community solar array.


Just the Facts

Platte-Clay Community Solar Array Fact Sheet

Mission: to make solar affordable and accessible for Platte-Clay co-op members

  • Location: Platte-Clay Electric Headquarters, Kearney Mo.
  • System Size: 100 kW
  • Average Annual Energy Production: 218,213 kWh (est.) – power for approx. 14 PCEC homes with avg. consumption
  • Total 20 year energy production: 4,364,264 kWh (est.)
  • Footprint: 118’ X 102’
  • Array installation: Platte-Clay employees
  • Foundation manufacturer: Chance / Hubble
  • Module manufacturer: tenKsolar, based in Bloomington, Minn.
  • Cell type: Polycrystalline
  • Module dimensions: 77.95” X 29.29” (individual panels)
  • Number of modules (panels): 416
  • Wattage per module: 410 watts
  • Average annual kWh per module: 525 kWh
  • Online: Spring of 2015
  • View output: Spring of 2015, online at www.pcec.coop

Innovative, patented design

Platte-Clay’s Community Solar project features panels made in the USA. tenKsolar® , based in Bloomington, Minn., is designed to be more efficient, productive, reliable and safer than other legacy solar photovoltaic (PV) systems available today.

Unlike conventional PV panels which are wired and connected in series, the PV cells within each tenKsolar module and all modules in the array are connected in parallel. Please see great video explanation at tenksolar.com/resources/videos/

One advantage of the parallel matrix connection is that a panel that doesn’t have to be uniformly illuminated in order to produce electricity, reducing the impact of shading and allowing the module to use reflected light.

Two RAIS PV Modules are installed in tandem – one facing south and the other facing north to maximize energy yield per square foot. The unique properties of the RAIS Module system allow it to capture all reflected light, including from another module in the system. This configuration yields the most solar energy density available in the industry and is ideal for maximum energy yield.


Why Platte-Clay chose tenKsolar

  • Because of the company’s experience with other rural electric cooperatives
  • Because of tenKsolar financing through the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC). For more information visit www.nrtc.coop
  • Because of the efficiency of the tenKsolar panels
  • Because of the tenKsolar system design—one panel faces south, another panel faces north, with the “W” shape providing reflective light to maximize the yield per square foot.
  • Because of the safety of the system—low voltage means less chance for injuries
  • For more information on tenKsolar, visit www.tenksolar.com

View the following Specs and Technical information from tenKsolar,

> Reliability: Engineered for Reliability (PDF)

> Safety: Protect your Investment (PDF)

> Snow Performance: Don’t let the snow effect your energy output (PDF)


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