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Learn more about what you can do to stay safe and save energy and money; click on a brochure and download one for students or children. Scroll down for more topics:


Lighting for Smarties

Lighting ideas that will help you make the best energy-efficient choices, inside and outside the home.

Lighting for Smarties pdf


Tricks to Landscaping

Learn energy and water saving techniques that can be applied to a new or existing landscape.

Tricks to Landscaping pdf


Buying a Not-So-New Home

Help for tightening up older homes–plug up those leaks. Heating, cooling, weather-stripping, appliances and more.

Buying a Not-So-New Home pdf


Understanding Renewable Power

What are renewables? Learn how the average consumer can use renewable energy and why it is so important.

Understanding Renewable Power pdf


Saving  Watts of Water

Spend less on heating water and learn how to use water wisely in the kitchen, bathroom and when doing laundry.

Saving Watts of Water pdf


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