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Online Billing

Use Platte-Clay’s free and secure online billing system to pay your bill at your convenience. Your co-op also offers auto deductions for worry-free, on time payments.

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Products and Services

Shop your co-op for savings. Check out products, services and rebates for energy efficiency rewards from Platte-Clay Electric. Visit either office or browse the website.

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Outage Map

See details about current outages on the Platte-Clay system any time with your PC or smart phone. “Like” Platte-Clay on Facebook for tips and major outage updates.

Touchstone Energy

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The Touchstone Energy Cooperatives brand represents a nationwide alliance made of more than 700 local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives in 46 states. Touchstone Energy co-ops collectively deliver power and energy solutions to more than 30 million members every day. Electric cooperatives distribute power for 75 percent of the U.S. land mass over 2.4 million miles of power lines.

Electric cooperatives were established to provide electricity to rural America, and now make up the largest electric utility network in the nation. Touchstone Energy is the national brand identity for that network.


Product Rebates
Product Rebates

Check out a great co-op membership benefit – rebates for being energy efficient. Your non-profit co-op offers rebates for energy efficient dual fuel heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. Get special winter rates with a dual fuel unit, and save year around with either type of heat pump. Use the latest technology to save on your heating and cooling costs. Check out the requirements and if it’s time to upgrade your equipment,
look here first.

Need a room air conditioner? Go with an Energy Star rated room unit and get a $50 rebate back. Download the air conditioner rebate form and take it shopping with you.


Business Lighting Rebate
Business Lighting Rebate

Platte-Clay offers a business lighting rebate program to commercial, industrial and agricultural cooperative members with more than 10 bulbs or fixtures at their facility. The rebate amount will be determined prior to installation and calculated based on an audit of existing and replacement lighting. Total rebate amount is limited to $30,000 per member per year and in no case will exceed 40 percent of the total equipment cost. Rebates are based on kilowatt hours saved, calculated at 6 cents per kWh.

For more information and to schedule a lighting review, call Platte-Clay at 816-628-3121 during regular business hours or e-mail


Outage Information
Outage Information

Most outages are caused by trees in the electric lines. And although on most days it’s not noticeable, when there’s a storm, wind, lightning or ice, trees cause all kinds of problems. Some of the most common problems include the limbs pulling lines down and shorting them out, trees falling over onto poles and breaking them and icy-laden branches breaking and falling onto the lines causing a short. If it’s a major storm, trees in the wrong place can cause co-op members to be in the dark for an extended period of time. And in the winter or the middle of the night is not the time we want to be shivering in our living room.

The one thing that all co-op members can do to help keep the lights on is to plant the right tree in the right place. And that means away from electric, and all other lines. See this illustration from the Arbor Day Foundation for tips on where to plant a tree.


Co-op Owners
Co-op Owners

Everyone who gets electric service from Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative is an owner. A customer, a member and an owner, but most important an owner. Co-ops are owned by the members they serve, and as a nonprofit, return any funds left over, after good practices, to the owners. The monies returned to co-op members are called capital credits, and for Platte-Clay, issued in the form of a check distributed at the annual meeting each year. It’s a nice reward and a reminder that operating as a progressive, savvy business brings rewards: the only fat cats around are the ones not chasing mice.

Another point about being a co-op member, because the co-op membership is an asset, your co-op asks that members keep all of their records up to date, including telephone numbers and those responsible for the account. Please e-mail updates to or call 816-628-3121 if there are questions.


Member Viewpoints
Member Viewpoints

As a result of a motion made during the Annual Meeting, Platte-Clay has developed an online page where members (only) can post, the technical term, or write, for the rest of us, their point of view. A member editorial will be selected to appear in the pages of the Northland Connection Newsletter.

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